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Friday, May 31, 2013

【ORIGINAL CHARACTER】 Maru & Reve - Bed Scene

This drawing was originally set in the beach at sunset.


The two OCs, MARU (left) and REVE (right), are originally picking up colorful shells.

However, I decided to scrapped the beach idea since I already did seven beach scenes.

well, this is my FIRST two-person bed scene!!!
my second YAOI pairing.

At first, I decided to add speech bubble but I didn't know what to write. So many ideas came to mind!!!

So here's some of my dialogue ideas:

<scene 1>
MARU: Hey, I'll be the SEME this time!
REVE: But I'm always the SEME!

<scene 2>
MARU: I heard you wanted a hug buddy, so I came immediately (Reference to: [link] )
REVE: Yeah, I did. But I wasn't expecting that YOU would come.

<scene 3>
MARU: Lez do it again!
REVE: Aren't you tired? We had like three rounds straight!


Well, what do you think?


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