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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

【NEWS】 PaintTool SAI

For those of you watches me in my deviantART account, you'll notice that most of my colored drawings were done using Paint.NET.

I decided to use Paint.NET because it is a freeware; hey, I'm poor! And so, I started to color drawings using this amazing program.

Recently, I started using my new graphic tablet. Believe it or not, the first colored drawing entries in my gallery were done using an optical mouse/touch pad. Pretty crazy, no? (*´д`*)ハァハァ

I friend referred PaintTool SAI to me <a year ago> as a great program to use with the graphic tablet, but I opted to use Paint.NET.

Hell, I was having a hard time finishing  using Paint.NET in completing my most recent drawing collection.

So I checked out PaintTool SAI.

Holy Shit! Coloring has never been so freaking easy!!!

It doesn't use much RAM; my netbook has a working 1GB RAM so uhhh programs requiring huge amount of RAM would lag.

These are the features of PaintTool SAI that I really love:
- Vector Layer option "Pressure"
- Large Color Palette (swatches)
- Normal Layer option "Blur"
among others...

I'm still learning the basics.

Anyways, here!
I tried coloring.


So uhhh. It took a while to finish both the images. But it was pretty fun.

I decide to use PaintTool SAI in coloring my drawings. 

I will still use Paint.NET in adding backgrounds; and for real life images.

That's all!

Look forward for more!

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