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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

【NEWS】 Started to draw fully naked males

Yes. I've started drawing fully naked males. I'm still trying to learn the basics, though.

For the rest of the semester, from June-October 2013, I'll be uploading mature content.

Hey, it's a way to expand what I'm capable of doing. (((;゜Д゜))

I will be using only one OC from 「Vol.#9 ~Summer 2013 Special」, RAM.

I chose him because I think he's the only one who will look sooper hot when naked. (*`д´)b

With that, I will be open <soon> for accepting requests and commissions for nude males, okay?

キタ━━━ヽ(∀゜ )人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人(゜∀゜)人( ゜∀)ノ

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

【NEWS】 PaintTool SAI

For those of you watches me in my deviantART account, you'll notice that most of my colored drawings were done using Paint.NET.

I decided to use Paint.NET because it is a freeware; hey, I'm poor! And so, I started to color drawings using this amazing program.

Recently, I started using my new graphic tablet. Believe it or not, the first colored drawing entries in my gallery were done using an optical mouse/touch pad. Pretty crazy, no? (*´д`*)ハァハァ

I friend referred PaintTool SAI to me <a year ago> as a great program to use with the graphic tablet, but I opted to use Paint.NET.

Hell, I was having a hard time finishing  using Paint.NET in completing my most recent drawing collection.

So I checked out PaintTool SAI.

Holy Shit! Coloring has never been so freaking easy!!!

It doesn't use much RAM; my netbook has a working 1GB RAM so uhhh programs requiring huge amount of RAM would lag.

These are the features of PaintTool SAI that I really love:
- Vector Layer option "Pressure"
- Large Color Palette (swatches)
- Normal Layer option "Blur"
among others...

I'm still learning the basics.

Anyways, here!
I tried coloring.


So uhhh. It took a while to finish both the images. But it was pretty fun.

I decide to use PaintTool SAI in coloring my drawings. 

I will still use Paint.NET in adding backgrounds; and for real life images.

That's all!

Look forward for more!

Friday, May 31, 2013

【ORIGINAL CHARACTER】 Maru & Reve - Bed Scene

This drawing was originally set in the beach at sunset.


The two OCs, MARU (left) and REVE (right), are originally picking up colorful shells.

However, I decided to scrapped the beach idea since I already did seven beach scenes.

well, this is my FIRST two-person bed scene!!!
my second YAOI pairing.

At first, I decided to add speech bubble but I didn't know what to write. So many ideas came to mind!!!

So here's some of my dialogue ideas:

<scene 1>
MARU: Hey, I'll be the SEME this time!
REVE: But I'm always the SEME!

<scene 2>
MARU: I heard you wanted a hug buddy, so I came immediately (Reference to: [link] )
REVE: Yeah, I did. But I wasn't expecting that YOU would come.

<scene 3>
MARU: Lez do it again!
REVE: Aren't you tired? We had like three rounds straight!


Well, what do you think?