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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Update [2013.04.24]


After trying out a number of sketches, I started making the first entry!

I'm planning on including AT LEAST 10 original characters for this volume.

Also, there are two drawings per original character so that's gonna be (at least) 20 drawings in total.

Plus, I'm also gonna color all of these drawings.

I will also include a groupie drawing.

Well, that's that for now.

Have a nice day!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hello and Welcome!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new blog!
(Ummm... I'll still gonna be active on my personal blog at Apparently Different)

This blog is dedicated on updates concerning my solo project 「SKETCH」.

My newest project under 「SKETCH」 is 「Vol.#9 ~Summer 2013 Special」.

This project is the third installment of the summer-themed drawing collection which started last Summer 2011.

I'm currently in the process of conceptualizing the theme for the 9th volume and came up with something... something secret hehe.